In bent-knee inversion units such as the Invertrac, the user bends at the hip area over a thigh pad. In a straight leg traction unit the user attaches their ankles to a clamp like device and then inverts on a bed type apparatus.

What are the advantages of a bent-knee over straight leg device?

In a bent knee unit the user does not involve their ankles, knees or hips in the inversion process, eliminating stress to these body joints. Also in the bent-knee position you are in the perfect position to relax the psoas muscles (groin area) and flatten out the lumbar area of the back for maximum traction.

In a straight leg traction unit your whole body weight is supported by your ankles when in the complete inversion position and the lumbar area of the spine maintains the lumbar curve. It is hard to get proper traction on a curve.

The Invertrac unit has a unique design unlike any other bent-knee unit in the marketplace. There is an adjustment for a user’s length of leg from the back of the knee to the groin. This allows your back to hang over the pad with only your thighs on the thigh pad . Without hanging straight in a device there is no way that you can achieve maximum traction.

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