The Invertrac inversion table has led to back pain relief for people all over the world. Read over these inversion table reviews from other Invertrac users, then look into purchasing or accessing your own inverter table.

"Convenient device for performing a full range extension exercise….leads to improvement in back function."

Murray E. Allen, MD

Co-Chair BC Whiplash Initiative, former Associate Prof. Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University Author of 4 books on Muscular/Skeletal Disorders & Sports Medicine

"The Invertrac offers many of our clients relief from problematic compression injuries, and often provides a more effective forward flexion stretch than stretching alone."

Kim N. Zimmer, B.SC. Kin

Kinesiologist Metro Rehab Centre

"I have found the Invertrac to be the superior product. The Invertrac is definitely less expensive, easier for the patients to mount and dismount, easier to store and carry, and more comfortable to use."

R.H. Latch, B.Sc., DC.

Inglewood Chiropractic Office

"Lightweight and quite portable, I have used it with athletes and coaches alike….very beneficial where traction is indicated."

Carl Petersen, Physiotherapist

Canadian National Alpine Ski Team

"Very effective in reducing chronic low back conditions…frequency of recurring problems is often reduced."

Dr. I. Gainor, DC

Calgary, Alberta

"Due to your unit's easy inversion and dismount features I have been able to utilize the Invertrac with patients who have undergone spinal surgery, resulting in a much faster recovery period."

Dr. M. Shales, DC

Madison, AL

"I used several types of traction in the practice but the INVERTRAC was by far the easiest to demonstrate and use. Dozens of my patients love and continue to use this durable device. The INVERTRAC is the best most affordable 'Home Traction' unit on the market. I use it several times a week for health maintenance for my low back, joints, muscles and discs to maintain their functional mobility."

Stephen Summey, DC, FACO, CCSP, CWA (NAHU)

Loveland, CO

"Over the last 18 months I have been troubled with a bulging disk. After an impact the pain increased down the left leg making it really uncomfortable to sit for longer than 2-3 minutes. A friend of mine suggested an inversion table. I brought the Invertrac home. That was 4 days ago and yesterday I was pain free for 24 hours!!!! NOT EVEN A TWINGE in my left leg in 6 hours of driving!!!! I have been doing some exercises while in the Invertrac as well as simple inversion. I feel great. Thank you.

Craig Hillrich


"I have been using the Invertrac for three minutes in the mornings for two years. Prior to that I was having very painful sciatic nerve problems in my lower back and especially down both legs. During these times I could not walk over ten minutes without a three minute break to let the pain subside. I have not had any further sciatic problems for the last two years. Is it the Invertrac or did it just go away? I don't know but I will not quit using the Invertrac unit to find out."


San Mateo, CA

"I had chronic low-back pain and developing hip joint pain when I began searching for relief that I was not getting with chiropractic, or regular massage treatments. After considerable research, I found and studied everything about your product. Since getting my invertrac, I have used it almost daily for the past two years. It relieved all of my lower back and hip pain, and has kept me active and pain free. It was the best investment I have ever made for my structural and emotional health. I cannot recommend it highly enough! It is perfect in it's ability to provide gentle, consistent flow of new energy and body nutrients to the supportive discs and tissue within the spinal column, and has effectively reversed the development of osteoporosis. I wanted to send this testimonial as encouragement for those who are still searching for relief. Thank you all so much. Sincerely...."


Taos, NM

"Hello, my name is Loma and I am 56 years old and have suffered with lower back pain since a fall in 99. I fell out the back door when my footing slipped on a wet step and landed on my rear left side of my tail bone. I didn't have ex-ray at that time and in 2003 started an exercise of walking 3 to 5 miles 3 days a week. That is when things got bad for me and my bed of 20 years failed. I bought a new bed, which was not enough support. To make this story short my waist would not stay adjusted and as a hairdresser I have to stand on my feet. Chiropractic, traction, bed rest, saddle chair and nothing was working for me and my pain had intensified to the point that I really believed I was not going to be able to support myself in a profession I loved, in fact sitting was a very big problem too. Then my chiropractor introduced me to Invertrac. I purchased and Invertrac, and it took 12 sessions at about 1 to 2 minutes when my waist adjusted first. That adjustment was a surprise and I felt less pain but the sciata pain at the hips and paraformis areas was still there and so was the tingling in my legs. On the 14th morning not only did my waist adjust but my tail bone adjusted too!!!! That was an even bigger surprise. But the most surprising and wonderful feeling was when I righted myself from the Invertrac there was not sciata pain! There hasn't been any sciata pain since and the tail bone has adjusted once since and my sore spots down my legs and thighs are noticeably better as well. The Invertrac has saved my life and I haven't seen my chiropractor since. Not that I won't continue to see him for my adjustments on my neck, I will. I can stand longer at work, sit without pain, and the best thing is I have been able to go back to my walking, slowly. I will continue to use my Invertrac on a day to day basis as I feel I need it. Thank you for inventing the Invertrac, it has saved my life and my ability to take care of my self. Loma"


Roseburg, OR